Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)



Central Florida Counseling & Recovery Centers Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) services educate clients about daily living skills in an individual or group format. The skills addressed focus on management of mental illness and independent living.  We develop and teach skills specific to promoting positive mental and behavioral growth.  Individual/group sessions consists of a variety of subjects relating to mental and physical well-being and may include: 


  • Family/Interpersonal Relationships (i.e. problem solving within the family unit)

  • Emotional Intensity Disorder (i.e. anger and stress management, dealing in a positive way with emotions)

  • Life Skills (i.e. grooming, hygiene, setting goals)
  • Symptom Management (i.e. managing and taking responsibility for your own health)

  • Social Skills (i.e. initiating conversations, listening, building the symptoms, making friends)

  • Community resources (i.e. healthy activities such as sports, library, and community events)

***This service is only covered under a State of Florida Medicaid program.



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