Outpatient Detox


Detoxification generally occurs in an inpatient residential care center; however, some people are able to complete detoxification under the care of a physician in an outpatient setting.  Outpatient detoxification requires that the patient is highly motivated, has family support and is in relatively good health.


Outpatient detox may be right for you if:
  • You are not ready to participate in an inpatient residential care but need medical assistance to achieve a safe detoxification.
  • You cannot afford to enter residential care.

It is important to understand that detoxification is only the beginning of treatment. Detoxification is a necessary first step that allows our patients to participate in treatment. Patients entering this level of care will work with a counselor to determine their counseling needs and see a physician and nurse.


What to expect in outpatient detox:
  • Intake with a nurse to establish the right outpatient medical, counseling and support needs
  • Initial consultation with our Board Certified Addiction Medicine Physician
  • Initially biweelly/weekly medical visits are mandatory, then as per the Physician discretion
  • Ongoing Intensive Outpatient counseling and individual/group counseling is mandatory
  • Weekly urine drug screen and alcohol testing
  • Medications such as Suboxone, Vivitrol, Zubsolv or their generic equivalents (buprenorphne/naloxone) may be prescribed.
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